About Us

We provide you with a professional, affordable website from £395.00 thereby allowing you the opportunity of “running your business, town or parish”.

With some information from you, we can create a website that meets – and hopefully exceeds – your expectations.

Cumbria web designers is the result of much intensive web site study and training but even more importantly an in depth knowledge of how a website can assist your business & responsibilities.

My name is Richard Mulholland and I’m the person you will deal with when using Cumbria website design service. As a local area Regeneration Chairman, Chamber of Trade Chairman and Business Forum Chairman I was concerned at local & national companies charging far in excess of £5,000.00 for a new small business and parish & town council website.

My introduction to online efficiency and affordability came in 1985 when needing to market some rental properties we used a computer drawing package to show prospective tenants what their new homes would look like following the building conversions; this simple and affordable method achieved immediate growth of our rentals sales.

This procedure progressed into a dedicated web site not only to show our properties but as importantly to make our contact details available at all times day or night to prospective clients.

We also included a list of frequently asked questions with our answers and were pleased to discover that most people who contacted us were ready to buy our services. A wonderfully high conversion rate from “just looking to buying”.

This business practice is now put into use in keeping all persons informed of your services at all times.

We don’t just do web design; we bring a pragmatic combination of web site build with local parish/town information and business knowledge to help improve your business.

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