This is where Cumbria Web Designers recommend you put a list of the normal questions you would expect people to ask about your Services; Goods and your self and your abilities. This can save you a lot of time describing what, why, when and how you carry out your work.

It is the most readily understood and simplest manner of explaining what you do and it is so easy to do on your own web site.

You should get friends, family and business advisers to ask what you do. Have them role play as a hard nosed prospective customer; it is these questions with your answers that will form this easily understood but vital section of your company website.

On occasions, you could start this list as a very simple one and add to it as customers repeatedly ask the same question/s . Indeed a combination of both methods is probably what will occur.


Small businesses normally only need a simple “Brochure Website” this type of site is suitable when information on the site is infrequently updated, indeed you may not need our services as a ‘Facebook’ page may be all that you need.

Parish Councils and other businesses may have a greater need to update their information on a much more frequent basis and we recommend a “Content Management System” website is more suitable. However the system must be readily transferable and code readable to other web-masters if you decide to do so.

Are there any hidden costs with Cumbria Web Designers
No, the price quoted is the full price for the design and build of your website, reasonable alterations and additions are included in the price. You will undoubtedly be altering your business during start-up, we will make sure your web site shows these alterations

How much do I pay
£395.00 for a “Brochure Website”  a “Content Management System” site may be more expensive depending on your needs; both types include initial setup and twelve month hosting of your site

How much do I pay for “out of the ordinary” site
We do as normal “out of the ordinary” site but if you require a complex design especially for such as a villa rental website we offer a further bespoke service providing a much wider site design brief at a cost of $250.00 usd per hour. We generally expect a build time of 4 to 5 hours; following what can be a lengthy client discussion.

What costs apply after the first year
hosting and security updating costs…we presently charge £8.00 monthly (after 1st year) most companies charge between £10.00 & £15.00 monthly just for hosting with additional costs for security updates

How long will it take to develop my company web site
Cumbria Web Designers can generally build your site within two weeks following the supply of information and pictures you wish to use

Will Cumbria Web Designers build my company website and then ignore me
No: we will assist with updates when needed and advise you on many matters not included in above points

How many pages can I have on my web site
the number is unlimited but in practice 4 or 5 pages is about correct

If I wish to have more than 5 pages will it cost me more
No… but we will discuss why you need more pages

Do Cumbria Web Designers supply email addresses
Yes… your free email address will be based on your company website name

Can I have any email address
you can have ‘almost’ any name/word before your website name

What restrictions are there for the word/name in my email address
decency, legality that sort of ‘boring’ thing

How many email addresses can I have
Loads… but we advise small businesses to have a small number of email address; however, some businesses for valid commercial reasons wish to appear larger than they are and have a range of email addresses i.e. accounts, sales, service plus individuals names

Is the hosting cost included in the first year price
Yes… when we say our price is complete we mean exactly that

Can I move my site to another hosting company
Yes… we will assist if that is your decision

How reliable is the hosting supplied by Cumbria Web Designers
99.9% online, this is above the normal for the industry, online is the amount of time people can see your site

Can I personally alter or add things to my site
Yes… we can show you how to do that BUT we also offer a low cost service to do it for you

How much will you charge to show me how to make my own alterations
nothing… it is included in the first year cost

What if I make a mistake when I am altering my site
we will always have an original copy of your site

When do I pay for my site
deposit of £50.00 when we start your site remainder upon completion and your satisfaction

OoooKay!!! seems pretty good so far but what do I do now:
contact Cumbria Web Designers and we can discuss your needs and time frame for you to supply your company information and any pictures you have the right to use

What is the best method of contacting Cumbria Web Designers
preferably by the contact form on this site but email and telephone or direct contact are all suitable

Contact Cumbria Web Designers today to discuss your new web site