Our earlier experience as a local area Regeneration Chairman & Manager, Chamber of Trade Chairman, Business Forum Chairman and involvement with Parish & Town Councils¬† has given Cumbria Web Designers the ability to understand the vital need to keep all persons informed and involved at all times; indeed this is not only ‘best business practice’ but increasingly a legal requirement placed on Parish & Town Councils.

Web Design
Cumbria Web Designers has been especially developed to provide your company & council with an affordable and professional website from £395.00

What do I get

  • professional & affordable dynamic website
  • website designed for viewing on tablets & smartphones
  • 12 month free web site hosting
  • your own email address
  • search engine friendly site
  • ongoing advice & support

Parish/Town Website
The all important Toolkit for Parish & Town Councils requires you to ‘Ensure Effective Governance’ we assist in this.

Cumbria Web Designers will publish amongst other matters:

  • dates of meetings
  • agendas, minutes and other matters
  • who we are
  • what we do
  • what we spend
  • plans for the future

You may also wish to produce a business register, calendar of events and attractions within your area; we will set these items up with limited ongoing input from your Town Clerk who undoubtedly has sufficient work to do without major input on additional matters.

Business and Community Website:
Cumbria Web Designers recommend that if you sell to your audience or inform them of your services or products it is self evident that you need a professional and affordable website.

With a website your information, sales & bookings are available at all times and online information can be readily updated thereby reducing your printing & advertising costs. “your clients & electorate expect to see your services online at all times”

Do we need a Website
Cumbria Web Designers believes if you need to inform your intended audience either as a legal or “best practice” requirement , it is self evident that you need an affordable professional web site.

If you advertise your company in either a shop window or expensive local paper or similar, you have already proved you need an affordable company web site.

Parish Councils, Associations and Businesses are increasingly aware that they need to keep their “customers” updated at all times.

Can we build our own site
Yes… most persons with the ability to run an association, business or parish council can train themselves to build a basic website.
If you believe you have the time to build your own website while dealing with all other matters, please contact us for our free web design information. Cumbria Web Designers will show you how to maintain your site to keep it dynamic or they can offer a low cost service to do so on your account.

Contact Cumbria Web Designers to discuss and assist in these matters.